Unable to remix code


I’m learning Watch and Code and was given the link:-https://glitch.com/~forest-sunset. When I used the remix option- I keep getting “It is not possible to create the project. Perhaps you are remixing a private project?”.
Now I’m unable to do anything on this site as I keep getting this error even when creating a new project. How can this be fixed?


How are you remixing it? There’s the “Remix your own” button on the project page, and a Remix button in the menu if you “View Code” first. Both work okay for me.

Has your editor tab been open for a while? If so, the code may have changed. Make sure you refresh the browser and try again.

If that doesn’t work, let me know what Browser/OS you’re on, and we’ll dig into it further.


I’m getting this error as soon as I click on the Edit code and even when I click on any project and choose the Remix your own button. Is there any way to reset my account?
I’m using Firefox 47 on Linux Mint 18 64bit.


I don’t think it’s related to your account. If you want to check that, you could open a tab in incognito mode and try remixing.

If you open the browser console (F12 in Chrome), then you should see a warning message when (or just after) it displays the error in the UI. Can you tell me what the error says? If you expand the warning you’ll get more details about what went wrong.


Thanks for the quick response.


I get this in the console while in incognito:- https://pastebin.com/6J7KQPMp


Hmm. I’m not sure what’s going on here. Would you like to try screen sharing? You can email me at tkington@fogcreek.com and we can set something up.


same problem here in Firefox (39.0).

I gave Opera a try and it worked immediately.