Unattach my domain from deleted project

i recently attached domain on my project and becouse of some error with connecting i needed to reload page and i lost shw.io link and i decied to delete project and attach it to new one becouse i thinked it will unattach domain but sadly it didn’t can somebody unattach my domain.
last name of deleted project is: tacer-sajt and domain that needs to be unattached is www.tukandev.gq
thanks in advance.

Hey @TukanDev, I’ve removed www.tukandev.gq from the project it was associated with.

Thank you very much!
Also you should add custom domain managment on project’s edit page so users can see attached domains and copy shw.io url and also unattach exist domains.

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@cori can you unattach www.tukandev.gq i now by mistake wrote .gw nice atleast without www is working huh this is problems when you are speed typer, and ik ik i should wrote slower that things but w and q are very close so yea, can you please reset only www.tukandev.gq or let me know where is mistake and did i wrote domain correct or i wrote .gw
if you deny request for reseting it its ok.
ty again in advance.

nvm i solved it myself dns didn;t updated it instantly as it did for my other domain and i got triggered

Can you remove my domain, decerious.com, from any project it’s connected to? My friend and I are making a game and it’s been added to the wrong project. Thanks

hi @DaytonWallace just deleted that domain for ya!