Uncaught Promise Rejection: DiscordAPIError


I have recently started receiving an Uncaught Promise Rejection: DiscordAPIError

There is no additional info on the log for what may be causing this error. The bot was working fine yesterday, but is now returning this error without any recent changes made.

I also have a similar bot, that is not returning the error.

I tried enable-pnpm and making small changes to the code like an extra space to get it to rebuild. However, the error persists.

I read in a similar thread that another user who received this error was on an IP ban list. Could I be having a similar issue?

Project: danmemo-bot-stardust


Can you show the error.

This is the only error that is displaying on the logs:

🤘🐫 Your app is listening on port 3000
Uncaught Promise Rejection:

No further details are listed.


Are you using master?

Not sure what you are referring to by master. Are you asking if this is the main project?


If you are using d.js 12.2.0

Aka the most stable version reccomended for most users.

I was using ^11.5.1

However, switching to 12.2.0 did not fix the issue.

For reference, I also have other bots on ^11.5.1 and they have been running fine.

This is the only one that is currently down with this error.


The only thing I can think of is running curl -I https://discordapp.com/api/v7/gateway in the terminal.

It’s not banned. I would recommend going to the official d.js discord and asking there

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Or raise an issue on github, either one.