Understanding cache and version history

Hello, I’ve been using the glitch for a long time to teach my a-frame class to students. When I use it the cache always gets in the way, so as we are changing files, we can’t actually see the change. Can someone explain how to get around this? For example, I have a file that is not present in the project at all, but I see an older version when a new asset is uploaded on top of it.

I even pulled down the latest file, and it is not the same file that is being served up. This makes it next to impossible to teach and use this. service.

when you upload a new version of the asset, the assets page gives you a new URL for it. you’d have to update the webpage to use that new URL in order to get around the caching issue.

Thanks for the response, but what if you are overwriting the asset?

if you overwrite an existing asset, it still gives you a new URL. the ?v=... part changes, which helps inform the cache that it’s expecting the new version

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