Unexpected Error with python app

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An error has occurred, please try again or contact us if the error persists.

Unknown: Server error An unexpected error has occurred.

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It works and at times doesn’t. Is that normal?

Hi @Bfaschat, that’s … a pretty vague error message. I wonder what’s happening? As far whether it’s normal for it to be intermittent, I guess that really depends on what’s going on.

Where are you seeing this error (in the editor? in the logs? Somewhere else?) - perhaps you can take a screenshot the next time it happens? Also what are you doing when it occurs? I’m not seeing any obvious errors in our logs, so we’ll need to work a little harder to track it down.

here is the error in question keeps coming back but not really an issue because from my understanding it happens when my internet connection is somehow slow or whatever it may be.

This is just to let you know what i meant back then.

Cheers! @Bfaschat

Hi @Bfaschat, thanks for the followup. Yes, that result could easily be caused by a problem with connectivity to the Glitch app.

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