Unexpected Error?

Cannot login or see other projects. I get an “Unexpected Error” and more specifically:

Unknown: Server error

An unexpected error has occurred.


If anyone could help that would be grand.

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I have same problem :////

Welcome to the Glitch forums, GoogleFeud.
I also have this issue so I think it’s because of Glitch and not you

@zlmPatrick , I have my own project but I have same problem what the hack?

Can reproduce! Seems like an error on Glitch’s end.

It’s a server-side error. It’s like this for everyone I believe

getting same Undefined error

Hey @cori can u look here?!?

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this will get him
@cori @cori @cori @cori

Same problem with my project.

Patience children, glitch staff are most likely already on the case

Here you go: [Megathread] Glitch Outage

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