Unexpected Token Help pls

Hi, I was programming a bot for my discord server. When I did

Gave me this
Parsing Error: Unexpected Token

I have seen many people report this and they said to regenerate the Bot Token, But i tryed 2 times and it all didnt work. Help

Can you give me the error in your logs? And it should be bot.login(process.env.BOT_TOKEN) and not bot.login("process.env.BOT_TOKEN");

Can you take a picture of the variables in .env, not the actual values-those are private.

According to the screenshot, the project can be found at https://glitch.com/edit/#!/planetpinebot :grinning:

Viewers cannot access the .env file, which is why I asked them to send a photo. :slight_smile:



“unexpected token” error is irrelevant to Discord bot token
can you please throw all the error in the console as SS?

Big lol