Unhelpful error message when GitHub import path is bad

When I import the path PolymerLabs/polymer-2-first-element.git I get a generic message that doesn’t tell me what went wrong. It’s something like “Arg, something went wrong. Try again?”. I wasn’t sure how to proceed after that.

The solution was to import PolymerLabs/polymer-2-first-element instead. Maybe Glitch should detect and correct this error, and/or detect full .git links? Other solutions would be validation on the form or mentioning the problem in the error message.

In my case I was copying a GitHub link and ended up with some extra. I’m sure other people have and will have problems figuring exactly what to put in the GitHub import form so it could make their experiences a little better.

Thanks for the feedback! We intend to revisit this and give it a proper UI, so we should be able to wrap this up into it.

Thanks Gareth, glad to hear that!