Unique IP(s) for boosted members

Hello! I’m not sure how all Glitch’s gateway/proxy stuff works, but I’ve noticed that my bots/servers sometimes hit IP-based API rate limits (e.g. for Wikipedia’s API) even though I’m making requests slowly enough. I figure this is because I’m sharing an IP with lots of other servers/bots?

If that’s the case, would it be possible to have an IP per 5 boosted apps, or something like that? I could work around this by proxying requests through a VPS, but it would be a bit hacky and not fun to maintain (especially since the simplicity of Glitch is the whole selling point for me).

Note: Edited topic for better clarity.


IPv6 has a whole range of IPs, that could be useful for Glitch.


Even though I’m not a boosted user, I think this would be a great idea as it would separate real users from potential spam users.


For rate limiting of IPv6, the last 64 bits (i.e. the last half) of the address tend to be ignored: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/10967534/rate-limiting-banning-ips-in-ipv6

There are just way too many IPv6 addresses, so people can buy a billion of them for like a dollar, and bypass all the “naive” rate-blockers. That’s why APIs rate-limiters tend to ignore of the last half of your IPv6 address.

So IPv6 doesn’t really help with the rate-limiting side of things, unfortunately :[

There are septilions of possible IPv6 addresses.