Unknown error causing bot to refresh

Running a Discord Bot, ram usage is 60-80 disk is okay.

Been getting this error which causes bot to restart.

> /opt/watcher/app-types/node/start.sh: line 51: 13367 Killed node index.js

Are you using a service like uptime robot to keep your bot alive? That error doesn’t give a lot of information.

Can you invite me to the project? There is another process that is killing it.

I am using uptime robot to keep my bot alive.

Is there some instruction you could give me before I invite you?

Is refresh on edit enabled?

It seems like an error in line 51 of sever.js. do you have a syntax error there?

server.js is never mentioned in that error message, what do you mean? :joy:

Ack I mean index.js.

Makes more sense, but this doesn’t look like a node error. Or an error produced by javascript at all though :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe. @Fyrlex could you make your project public so we could take a look?

Refresh on edit is not enabled. The project seems to be okay now, I apologize for the attention.

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No problem! Glad it got resolved.