Unknown error occured

i was trying to add a custom domain to my project and i am getting and unknown error occured since yesterday

Unknown in what way? Might we see the actual message and/or know the domain? It is hard to solve without additional clues.

Screenshot from 2021-12-24 08-46-02

This is the error message

Great. That will provide the people who can check things on the Glitch servers a place to start. It sounds like that may take a couple of days due to the holidays so I would try a few things while waiting.

Log in again
Clear your browser cache
Use a different browser if you have one

Then I would try another domain name, I just added assemblymalawaitest.org and it worked. (I deleted it again).

The Glitch system restart at least twice a day as well so it is possible that whatever caused the issue was resolved on a reboot. Also possible of course something is going wrong on the start up of your project which you can’t see.

And what is the public name of your project? It does start normally using the glitch URL correct?

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