Unknown: Server error

Hello, out of nowhere, since yesterday, I can’t do anything on the Glitch website. When I try to open any one of my projects I get this error:

And when I try to just open my profile page (https://glitch.com/@Swagnemitee), I get this error:
“Something went wrong, try refreshing?”

I also can’t view any of the example projects. It always says this:
“We didn’t find [PROJECT NAME]”

My projects are online and work fine but I can’t do anything on the Glitch website.

works for me now but see status.glitch.com also see your internet if its bad then it prob cant get the information in time or somthing

Thanks for the reply Geoffrey but in status.glitch.com, everything seems fine and operational. I also don’t think it has something to do with my internet speed since it’s fine in every other website/service. I still can’t view or edit any of my projects though.

Okay, I just realized there are lots of stuff I can’t do. There was a problem when I tried to connect to a game server on browser and I can’t watch streams on twitch.tv. So this is most likely not related to glitch but honestly, I have no idea what the problem is. I also don’t know how to search it online since I don’t know what the common point of those I’ve listed is. Sorry for being kinda off topic but does anyone know what could be going on? The rest of the internet seems to be working fine, I can watch videos on youtube and visit any other website problemless. I’m at a loss here.

what internet u using bc you can get internet filtered by a isp (linda like schools do) and try on your phone and use mobile data to see it that helps if you have one (if it does you can try hotspot) but for the most part idk

Yeah, I was able to access them all with my mobile data so I called my internet provider to get it fixed. Everything works fine now, thanks for the help!

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