Unlink my domains

I changed my dns server so never mind :innocent:

project name: xl

domains: [xlbot.xyz] , [www.xlbot.xyz]
remove pls

Thanks <3

@chroventer what is the resolved, my English is not good

Since your issue has been fixed, I have added the tag resolved which means the issue has been solved.

@chroventer but

Ah, I am sorry for the inconvenience.
But from the first line of the description, that’s what I could comprehend.

@chroventer Oh sorry my English is not good, can you remove my custom domains?
project : xl

  • xlbot.xyz
  • www.xlbot.xyz

@Glitch_Support, please review this request for deletion of custom domain.

ah you not permission sorry @chroventer :heart:

hi @CagatayD - i just removed those domains for you!


Thank you :heart: @jenn