Unofficial Glitch API Docs (Currently WIP)

Project URL:

This is currently work in progress, if you would like to add methods that aren’t listed in methods.json just put a pastebin in the comments with the added method and i will approve and add it to the project.


What are you using to generate the docs?

pug template engine and express, with bootstrap for css

Nice, although I would like to see Slate in action.

um not to sound stupid but what is “Slate”

Slate is a really cool looking API documentation generator.

Why are none of these API docs mobile friendly??? :joy:


I think Slate is mobile friendly.

Does anybody know if there is an endpoint to see how many thanks a user has?

You can fetch a user’s data with Then, get the thanks count using the thanksCount property from the response object.

Thanks! I already figured that out a little bit earlier:

(at the bottom)
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by the looks of speed, are you querying the api every time someone loads the page. Someone could spam the page to spam 4 apis at the same time.

I am setting up a few precautions in place, such as maybe caching the result.

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Probably just going to use the sleep() function.

yeah that can work for now, I have a caching system on my alexa youtube skill but sadly it got peremantly banned from youtube with 429 for the whole year.

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