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What does that folder contain, your school stuff or COVID related stuff?

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Is it the Covid CDN

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anything done during the UK lockdown goes in there, school stuff mainly

nope, if so it wouldn’t be on OneDrive…

tried to make a social media platform on there and it failed cause it looks horrible on desktop

Fun fact: Get unlimited storage today by converting your files into base64 google docs today:
By default microsoft stores your files in onedrive. One person was downloading a windows VM and I saw the sync thing on one of his screenshots and I said “You are VM is being synced to onedrive btw and you’ll run out of storage”


Ya and i still have 13gb of files.

That’s exactly how I found about Google Docs unlimited storage.

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lol. im glad i dont use one drive.

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Ohh, I use nextcloud, its like Google Drive but self hosted.

oooh, i’ll look into that

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ill look at it

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The subreddit honestly seems dead.

I know this is 19 days old, but still.

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Also I sent my mod application lol.

Will have a look, thanks!

Sadly, reddit doesnt have a huge userbase.

tbh this Discourse forum is more than enough for the Glitch users.

I mean, I just know some users who are not big into forums.

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