Unofficial Reddit of Glitch

If you don’t know, Glitch have a subredit!


Never knew about it

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Hi, just wanna say that this isn’t owned by Glitch, but instead @RiversideRocks

I do think Glitch should probably takeover the subreddit since well, there isn’t much activity. Also, Riverside deleted his reddit account. The only two mods on there are @khalby786 and @EddiesTech and well, not much activity on the subreddit from them .

Why? There are mods. I read new posts from time to time.

There hasn’t been a new post in a month and there are still infrequent posts:

It feels like people has forgotten it tbh. And since people barely post here, when is that “from time to time”?

I don’t see why you are so upset. Does it matter that people don’t post?

I’m not upset, I just said my opinion???

Well, why does it matter that people don’t post? People don’t post much here either.

This forum:

Compared to the subreddit:

Keep scrolling, there are only about 10 posts per day.

But that’s compared to the like 1 post per month

@aboutdavid, I don’t see why its such a big deal nobody posts.

Well, maybe if Glitch had control over it they would probably show it off on twitter or on Announcements? Then it would not be so forgotten?

Also, people seem to trust things more if it is official???

Glitch staff are not often on this forum, why would they post on another forum?

Then how do they moderate the forum if they are never on it?

@aboutdavid, Glitch staff don’t moderate 3rd party forums. I requested r/glitchdotcom when I still used Reddit just for fun, I never expected or wanted it to become an official line of communication.

Ah, that makes sense. My bad.

And besides, its silly to expect staff to moderate third party websites.

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I’m often here, always watching, like a ghost…in the night…watching a forum :ghost:


Sorry, I just meant that staff don’t often answer questions :sweat_smile: