Untraceable high-disk usage for Node.js project


I’ve recently stumbled into several issues due to one of my projects using almost the entire disk space. I have successfully identified large files that were able to be removed, managing to lower the usage shown using ls -sah to around 77K.

However, my project still occupied around 190MB of the disk, and I can’t seem to find the reason for it. I have then reinitialized my git (presuming that maybe a large amount of commits was the issue), but the disk usage still remained around 185 MB, and at this point I have hit a dead-end.

If anyone has previously stumbled into similar issues, I would gladly take any advice.

Would recommend emailing support@glitch.com or creating a ticket via Happyfox :slight_smile:



Hey Eddie, thank you for your advice, I have also created a Happyfox ticket with the issue. I will post any follow-up solutions here for everyone else.


Okay so an update on this. I might have figured out what happened. During the 3 years this thing ran it probably created lots of files (especially due to previously npm! delete your npm folder even after converting to pnpm!)/junk outside the /app directory which were not within the git tree.

I restarted the project clean (under a different project) and now I get 1.20 MB of usage with the same files.