Unzip error with unziping folders!

hello, im trying to unzip a zip but, when i do that with the terminal it cant unzip ANY folders and turns them into black files
here is errors:

 unable to process gamefile/The Pond/assets/bg1.ogg.
checkdir error:  ./gamefile exists but is not directory
                 unable to process gamefile/Cube Engine/media/pos.png.

also this is the project https://glitch.com/~denisland

Hello @Denisbg2011game,

Can you share the command you typed into the terminal?


i used

unzip ent.zip
sudo echo what do i do nowwww???

> help

@WillPower hellooo?


Hello @Denisbg2011game,

Sorry for the delay. I think the problem is with the fact that uploaded zips are not actually stored on your website but externally. This answer has instructions on pulling the zip you want from the asset folder and unzipping it correctly.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

well, the zip is stored on my website i used wget and downloaded it as the upload function dosent work

i actually do exaclty what dis say Uploading a whole folder - #4 by kinduff

but i think the problem is my zip is unziping too much mb
like it fills up the disk space maybe…

how do i contact glitch to get like 512 mb of drive space?
(the reason i didnt respond earlier is because it was night)
also glitch editor glitches out like this:
(i actually toggled the theme in settings option and it fixed it)

my max reply is reached toady so i will type here
my disk is full
what i do heeeeeelp

inflating: public_html/filerun/wl/js/swipebox/js/jquery.swipebox.min.js  
  inflating: public_html/filerun/wl/js/upload.js  
  inflating: public_html/files.php   
public_html/files.php:  write error (disk full?).  Continue? (y/n/^C)

PS: the zip file i was trying to unzip before was corrupt :frowning:

i will try removing filerun because i dont think i can see the mysql user and password!
WOAH it shrunk to 2mb it was like 20 before wow filerun sure does take alot of space

i guess my rpoblem is solved @WillPower also how do i like close this support ticket so it dosent get noticed?
heres my website https://denisland.cf

Hello @Denisbg2011game,

The only way to get extra space is with a paid plan. Though, you could save space. For example, if you have videos on your website then you could host it on a video platform thus saving space for the actual website. Another way to safe space would be possible if you didn’t need to edit the contents of some of your files. You could just put them in a zip folder.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hello @Denisbg2011game,

I do not know of a way of doing that. Though, you can mark it as solved to indicate that you don’t need help anymore.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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