Update Glitch project from GitHup Repo

I am quite new on Glitch, GitHub and collaborative projects in general.
I have created a repo in GitHub ( https:// github.com/nxdiez/telegram_challenge_bot). And anoter project in Glitch. This project was created with the option “Clone from Git Hub repo” using the url above (sometimes works, sometimes doesnt…)
My aim is to pull changes from GitHub to Glitch whenever I decide, not automatically.

My problem is that when I try to update the Glitch project from Github.
I go to “Tools->Extras->Git, import and export->Import from GitHub” and enter the url https:// github.com/nxdiez/telegram_challenge_bot in the popup window.
It starts importing but it always throws the error “Arg, something went wrong. Try again?”.
After that, most of the project content is erased.
I’ve checked with chrome dev tool, and I see this error

I am not sure if I am missing something or there is something wrong.

Thank you!

Hey @nxdiez I think what you’re running into is that you’re providing a GitHub repo url instead of just the user/repo format that’s required in the Import dialog. If you try using nxdiez/telegram_challenge_bot instead you might have better luck.

The removal of your project’s content is expected behavior - right now when you Import a GitHub repo we overwrite your project with the contents of the repo and we do that early in the process. I’ve let the rest of the team know there are a few things we can improve here and sorry for the bother!

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I always do the import with the Import from Github, and write “user/repository”. For example you: “nxdiez/telegram_challenge_bot”

That was my mistake!. I thought I have to write the whole url, as when you create a project from GitHub.
Thank you!!

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