Update on recent Rewind issues


Hey folks based on a few scattered reports around problems with Rewind and problems with connecting to projects, our platform team uncovered a couple of interrelated bugs around Rewind. The basics are that we had a couple of differtent race conditions between a couple of backend components that meant that if Rewind events occurred just so then components would have difficulty connecting to one another and the project would be inaccessible from the editor. To resolve it the whole project would need to be forced to restart.

We’ve deployed updates that we believe fix these problems, but they’ll only be available to projects that restart after the code was deployed earlier today. At worst projects will have to wait 12 hours to pick up the new changes (after the 12 hour container restart cycle expires) which should be around midnight UTC 2019-01-29. If you encounter this problem before then please let us know and we can force your project to restart to pick up the fix.

We’re very sorry for the inconvenience. Happy Glitching!

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All good thanks for letting us know.


@cori effecting all projects?


We think primarily projects that were Rewound, and even then not in all cases - since it was a race condition things need to happen on the backend in a particular order to exhibit the problem.


Ah ok can we speak over about another topic in direct messages @cori?