Updates to git repo urls

Hey folks, we’ve recently deployed a change to the way we create your project’s git repo url. It used to end in git but now ends with your project name, so will look like https://your-glitch-git-user-name@api.glitch.com/git/your-glitch-project-name.

In most cases this will just work :tm:, but if you’re using your project’s git repo url in some third party tool (perhaps a continuous integration service or other external integration) you’ll need to update that url. The old ones will continue to work for a very short period, but we’ll remove them from the API in the near future and any un-updated services will break.

If you have any questions about this transition, please comment below or message @support_staff.


We turned off access to the old git urls on Friday so only the new addresses are available going forward.

If you’re running into problems with or have questions about the new structure please let us know, and happy Glitching!