Upgrade node version

please update node to latest version 12.16.1 being the latest v12

and i found a project that show the node versions available in glitch, only versions that are in the project is available?

You can update node via package.json


And see your version of Node from with node --version.

i mean this > http://nodeversions.glitch.me

i host a bot called Discord.RSS (and search for bugs with the owner of this bot) but i found a bug that he said was fixed in 12.16, but i updated to this version and it was not fixed, and i found others topic saying that only version in this project are available in glitch.

Have you tried to define it like that?

"engines": {
  "node": "12.x"

yeah, first when this error started to appear, my version was 12.x

Hey @SatsukiAya, thanks for letting us know. It looks like the latest version is Node 12.0.0, and I don’t have a timeline for when that’ll be upgraded.

Maybe there’s a workaround in the bot you’re working on?

so, the owner of this bot added a thing in the latest version “dev”

and he said it was fixed in 12.16 in node version > “TypeError: Promise.allSettled is not a function” as u can see in the screenshot


@SatsukiAya, have you tried node v.12.13.0?
v.12.16.x is actually requiring a higher version of npm, which might not be stable.
You can see the full list here.

read again what the owner of the bot said “this is a feature starting from node v12.16” which i can’t make the bot work if glitch doesn’t allow me change to a version high than v12.0.0

Wait, then that means all he has to do is do:
npm install --save node@12.16.1
and define node as 12.16.1 in package.json.
what’s the issue there?

this works in a certain time, after this the bot become unavailable and when i try to open console, it says installing > node v12.0.0, npm 6.9.0