Upgrade PHP to 7.4 (version of PHP glitch uses is no longer supported)


I was trying to install my own composer package when I got this error:

This error said that my package could not be installed because Glitch only has PHP 7.0.33 and my package requires at least PHP 7.2. Could Glitch upgrade PHP?

the nice glitch members have now red eyes and say no.

Glitch does not focus on PHP (i think?) but anyways good luck getting the package

You have my support but which version of PHP exactly? The latest version is 7.4.9.

im voting just for php,

I have one more vote left :slight_smile:

7.4 would be great. The version of PHP glitch uses is already in end of life.


Update: I emailed support about this and tasha said she would bring it up with the team.