Upgrade with Paypal, please

Hey @glitch_support,

any plans on enabling Paypal for upgrade? It also has recurring payments function and converts like magic.



This is for @glitch_support! And I’m moving this to #feedback!

Hi there! We don’t have plans to enable Paypal yet, but I’ll pass this feedback onto the team!

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I would like to upgrade, but Paypal is the only payment method I can pay with, I don’t have a credit card, which is actually quite common in Europe.

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Please tell us if it changes.

It’s a few sad to wait for the premium plans (a year)… to finish to be unable to subscribe to.

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let me use paypal and I make a premium account in two seconds:)

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I need Paypal too.

Please don’t bump threads, if you need paypal and can’t use stripe you could work out something by emailing support@glitch.com .
For those who find the thread and need paypal, what is it that you need paypal for that stripe doesn’t have?

It’s okay for folks to bump Feature Idea threads, it gives me a sense of needs folks have.

I understand wanting to use Paypal because of geolocation and credit card access. While we don’t have plans to add Paypal as an option, it’s one we’ll continue to consider if/when we update our payment workflow!