Upgrading Elm 0.19 to Elm 0.19.1

The new Elm 0.19.1 is out.
My setup uses Elm 0.19

  1. I have changed elm.json from

“elm-version”: “0.19.0” => “elm-version”: “0.19.1”

I did an npm upgrade elm - but the new version did not installed.

Is there something else I must be doing?

I used npm install elm@latest-0.19.1 and everything compiled ok.
But when I try to launch using “Show” it does not show the app running.
What to do now?

Hey @kgashok we don’t have that many folks using Elm on Glitch yet so I don’t know that we can answer your question immediately; do you have a project name we could take a look at?

I fixed it with an edit to my package.json file

“prestart”: “elm make source/Main.elm --output public/elm.js”

That resolved it for me!