Upload A File Of .PNG

I have a file of 100 images that I want to upload to Glitch, however I need it to be in the directory as tImages/{imagename}.png. How can I accomplish this?


Hey @edwrddd you could script that functionality in a shell script. https://glitch.com/edit/#!/abiding-august?path=image-download.sh:1:0 is a very simple example, it takes the input of a file with an image url on each line and runs wget $filename -P img to download each one to the previously-created img directory.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks, I’m uploading the URLs now. :grinning:

One more quick question. How can I condense/hide the ‘img’ folder so I don’t see it?

Hey @edwrddd if you add the directory you’re sending the files to to a gitignore file Glitch won’t show it to you in the file list and won’t commit changes to it to your project’s git repo.

Hi, so how do you run the .sh file so it will download and put the images in the img folder?

Hmm…got the .sh file to run and it logs that it’s saving it but it never actually pops up in my img folder.

Try running refresh in the console, changes taking place in the console does not sync automatically with the project editor.

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Ok I’m using PixiJs and luckily it will load the images from the asset bucket vURL so I don’t need to save them to a different folder now. Whew! :thinking::grin:

you can also try uploading it to github and importing that to glitch

I suppose… But the shell script idea sounds like a good idea.