Upload A File Of .PNG

I have a file of 100 images that I want to upload to Glitch, however I need it to be in the directory as tImages/{imagename}.png. How can I accomplish this?


Hey @EdwardRBLX you could script that functionality in a shell script. https://glitch.com/edit/#!/abiding-august?path=image-download.sh:1:0 is a very simple example, it takes the input of a file with an image url on each line and runs wget $filename -P img to download each one to the previously-created img directory.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks, I’m uploading the URLs now. :grinning:

One more quick question. How can I condense/hide the ‘img’ folder so I don’t see it?

Hey @EdwardRBLX if you add the directory you’re sending the files to to a gitignore file Glitch won’t show it to you in the file list and won’t commit changes to it to your project’s git repo.