Upload image broken (editor, project page, team cover)

Several image upload options appear broken. I’ve identified the following places with the same behaviour where clicking the “upload image” button has no effect:

  • Editor > Add File to Folder > Upload a File

  • Project Page > Upload

  • Team Page > Upload Avatar

  • Team Page > Upload Cover

Hi there - I am able to see the issue with the “Add this File” button which I do not think is intended to work for images (I was able to upload .html), but I’ll see if that can be updated to either allow images or direct you to the Assets section where you can upload them.

As for the outside-of-editor uploading, I’m not able to do so with the images I’m trying with right now for the project and team page uploads. Can you email support@glitch.com and include the image you are trying to upload so we can try to replicate it?

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This :arrow_up: happens to me too. The “upload image” button works OK everywhere on any page that’s not the editor.

Adding a point of clarification: the issue I encounter with the “Upload a File” button is that I get no file selector dialog (so I’m not even able to upload an html file). The same behaviour for the other uploaders (no file selector) so it’s not a question of “which images” I’m trying to upload because I never even get offered the ability to select files for upload.

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Seems strange, not happening to me :thinking:

Just click the file type chooser and select “All files (*)”

We put out a fix today for the “upload a file” button in the editor being broken - but since your issue is you never even get to that step, can you tell me what browser/operating system you’re using? You can also email support@glitch.com to report the bug if you’d rather not give that info here!

Thanks @jenn. The issue was actually resolved before your fix. I noticed upload buttons weren’t working across other websites and the issue was on my side. A reboot/restart fixed everything :person_shrugging::person_facepalming: