Upload to project filesystem

description: a way to upload files from the web editor into the project’s filesystem

currently you can upload an asset and then download it from the terminal, but that’s a lot of extra steps. and you can’t use the terminal from mobile, which limits where you can do this.

currently you can connect via webdav, but that only works on Windows, due to Explorer-specific user agent sniffing, which limits where you can do this. it’s also not officially supported

currently you can program something to accept uploads over the public web, but you can’t use Glitch’s own authentication to authorize the upload

100% agree, it’s very irritating and annoying uploading files onto the project

But it does make sense. Most people just load the file from the CDN

The thing is I like things locally and some modules require things to be locally in the directory and not having to download it, and then use it

But, it may use up space. And you can just download it without putting it in the dir.

True, however I still have a habit of keeping things local and referring to them locally, for example hosting an image for a website and not wanting to rely on another cdn

I totally agree with you!

Someone was able to create a system for uploading files. Are use that system as my CDN for images files and other stuff.

can you name the system?

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I just use wget and gitinore to store files and not take up space.

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thanks, I’ve added that to the list of workarounds in the description

@SpeedyCraftah Know that it converts it to a MD5 hash.