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It seems there have been a number of threads and requests over the years re: uploading binary files into a project rather than into assets. I’m curious if there is any official information to be had about this.

Meanwhile I am considering creating an “images” repo on GitHub and pulling them in from there but I wanted to check on one thing before I accidentally overwrite something. I’d use a dummy project but still… Do you know if I import from GitHub using the tool available if there is a way to not blow away the currently installed project? I.E. to just pull what folders/files it sees in the repo?

“Import” specifically refers to an operation that does blow everything away.

Incidentally, it doesn’t even use Git. It uses some APIs specific to GitHub.

You can, though, go into the teminal and pull to have Git merge local files with the new changes from the repo.

Thanks I was hoping I could do this from the command line and control it myself. One more question if you know… from the command line I can specify a completely separate repo correct? In other words the “real” one is my project but this one would simply have a folder with some graphics or audio files.

I would want that project to override only those specific folders obviously not the main app.

I haven’t tried doing merges from branches that are totally separate in that way. But it might be possible to pull into a local Git repo that’s in a subdirectory. Let us know if you try and find out.

There is something called a subtree and various demos about merging another repo but these don’t appear to be what I’m looking for. The very good news is I found a solution that anyone who knows Linux already knew.

curl and wget are available and using curl I pulled an image off the internet and into my project. I really only wanted to be able to pull arbitrary binary files into folders in my project without them going into assets. Now at least I can. Thanks.

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