Uploading files to CDN from webpage

Hi there!

I’m new to Glitch, but gotta say I love the concept.

I’m creating a small project where an authorized user can upload audio files, and users can listen to these files in an audio editor.
I was hoping to use the CDN storage that is provided for this project. However, despite my research, I couldn’t find a way to do it. Is it even possible?

I’m using fastify-multiple to handle the file uploading in a Node.js app:

fastify.post('/upload', async function (req, reply) {
  const parts = req.parts()
  for await (const part of parts) {
    if (part.file) {
      await pump(part.file, fs.createWriteStream(".data/" + part.filename))
    } else {

Initially, I was trying to upload to the .data folder which doesn’t get copied when remixing. Then I learnt about the CDN, which sounds like a better approach. This code runs, but doesn’t do anything (no logs nor errors). As could be expected, it doesn’t actually upload the file either.

Any input appreciated!

It appears it is possible as @wh0 did it before on his friendly awards project

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Great, I’ll look into it. Thanks!