Uploading folders via multer

Is it possible to use multer package as a way to upload files to a project? No mattter where I upload a file, it doesnt show up in the project editor even though it seems like the file uploaded.

Is there write access to any folder?

Multer should work. The filesystem in projects is persistent and writeable. We only show files that you can edit using the editor, so binary files are hidden from the file tree (though the exist on the filesystem still). However, the thing we use to determine what’s a binary file can sometimes get things wrong, like if a text file contains certain ASCII characters then it can deem it a binary file and hides it. Do you think that could be happening here? Failing that be sure to refresh the browser as new files added programmatically might not be noticed until a refresh event in the editor.

Thank you, you are correct. I wrote some code to walk the file system and found my files.

Suggestion: it would be nice if the file system had an advanced view mode, so you could see the physical underlying system. Hiding it is nice for most work, but at the same time being able to get to what is really under the hood is nice.

Thank you for a wonderful tool.

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The other issue is that we don’t detect files that have not been added through the editor right now. If you leave the project and come back after it has gone to sleep, you’ll see that any editable files that you added will show up. We have some work in progress to solve this problem, but it’s not as easy as it sounds :slight_smile: