Hello, i having an issues… why is my project always restarting every 8h or 9h… i bought a boost for getting 24/7 uptime but my project always restarting every 8h or 9h
its possible for my project get uptime for long time more ? like 3d or 5d ?
its kinda annoying when i using my music bot and get restart when i use it

EDITED: I just bought a boost for few weeks ago

sorry for bad english

Hello, do your logs says anything?

I think that regardless if its boosted, glitch projects restart every 12 hours (or so)

nothing goes wrong in my codes or logs, but its always restarting every 8h or 9h with,
node v12.0.0, with pnpm Installing...
and then load all of my bot commands after that it’s come back again and its always happening

i think so… that kinda annoying :cry:


What do you mean “always-on”?

For free users, Glitch apps go to sleep after five minutes of inactivity — if an app is waking up, your users might see a loading screen (we do this to keep our servers happy). Boosted apps don’t sleep and are always ready to go.

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There is some benefit if i boost the project, my project will be always on and that why i bought it, but my project get restarting every 8h / 9h

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