Uptime Robot Discord Bot 24/7 Fix

Well i followed the tutorials and everything’s okay. However, the next day my bots is offline! I tried to restart the monitors in Uptime Robot, my bots go online. After several minutes, my bots is back offline! Is there any way to fix this problem? (I’m new, by the way.)

Are you sure that the bot is not going offline due to a code error or a different issue? Also, make sure that the URL you put in to Uptime Robot successfully loads.

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Well, i checked carefully and my bots is still offline.

Hey @amarhaqeem13, welcome to the Glitch Forums!

I think what @advaith is pointing out is two related things:

  1. Whatever page UptimeRobot pings should actually be a webpage for UptimeRobot to correctly report whether it’s active or not.
  2. UptimeRobot only ensures your Glitch project doesn’t go to sleep. It doesn’t ensure that the bot inside your project is running.

A bot can stop for all kinds of reasons including code errors in the way the bot is written or problems with the way the bot is connecting to the Discord API. UptimeRobot (and for that matter Glitch itself) can’t help with those sorts of problems.

So we need first to know if UptimeRobot is reporting that your project is online when you see this problem, and know a little about how it’s configured if it says your project isn’t online. If the project is fine but the bot isn’t, then you might take a look at the project’s logs to see if there are any errors there. You can access the logs like this:

Let folks here know what errors you see and they might be better able to help. Also, no matter which sort of problem you’re seeing, knowing your project name will help folks help you (and might be the only way folks can help).

My friend said “Use some sort of a code that lets the bot active 24/7. I don’t remember…”

@amarhaqeem13 can you take a screenshot of your UptimeRobot config and your project name so we can take a look and see if we can provide some specific guidance?