Uptime robot going down

when i start the uptime robot its immediately going down

i have watch.json but my bot going down too

Uptime robot will not 100% keep your app online 24/7. You should also make your project ping itself, this also helps

Uptime robot will keep it online 90% of the time though

Hey @blewkz, welcome to the Glitch forum!

Your project’s UptimeRobot configuration isn’t working as you expect because your project doesn’t present a site when https://king-flash.glitch.me is accessed, so there’s nothing for UptimeRobot to ping. You’re installing Express in your package.json file, so adding something like what’s outlined in this sample express config should be enough to get you something that UptimeRobot will be able to use to keep your project awake.

Hey @SpeedyCraftah I’m curious what you’ve seen that makes you say this. Our position is that the setTimeout pattern that some folks use does nothing for your project at all if you have an UptimeRobot config that pings your project every 5 minutes. Can you show me somewhere that’s not true? If we’re wrong about that I’d like to investigate.

https://cron-job.org/ works well for me!

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What I do is I have one project that pings all my other ones and some of them ping it. Works well.

Hey @Advil that’s a pretty clever idea. I suspect it’s likely to work pretty well if you have a sufficient number of projects which would tend to mean they’re reasonably well-distributed across host machines.

The problem someone might see with this setup is what happens if a bunch of our hosts recycle in a short time period. For example if there’s an AWS outage, or we need to release a fix that requires us to restart many EC2 instances nearly simultaneously. If all of your projects were on hosts that were restarted, they wouldn’t start up and they wouldn’t start pinging. Using an external service of some kind alleviates this risk.