Uptime Robot not keeping project online

Project Name: CMB


So I have been using uptime robot to keep my Discord bot online, and today, the bot keeps shutting off and does not come back on until I open the editor, It is not a code error as I have not touched the code in the past few days, so Maybe uptime robot is not working correctly, here is my uptime robot configimage

I also got this


   WebSocket {


      [Object: null prototype] {

        message: [Function],

        open: [Function],

        error: [Function],

        close: [Function] },

     _eventsCount: 4,

     _maxListeners: undefined,

     readyState: 2,

     protocol: '',

     _binaryType: 'nodebuffer',

     _finalize: [Function: bound finalize],

     _closeFrameReceived: false,

     _closeFrameSent: false,

     _closeMessage: '',

     _closeTimer: null,

     _finalized: true,

     _closeCode: 1006,

     _extensions: {},

     _isServer: false,


      Receiver {

        _binaryType: 'nodebuffer',

        _extensions: null,

        _maxPayload: 0,

        _bufferedBytes: 0,

        _buffers: null,

        _compressed: false,

        _payloadLength: 236,

        _fragmented: 0,

        _masked: false,

        _fin: true,

        _mask: null,

        _opcode: 1,

        _totalPayloadLength: 0,

        _messageLength: 0,

        _fragments: null,

        _cleanupCallback: null,

        _isCleaningUp: false,

        _hadError: false,

        _loop: false,

        add: [Function: bound add],

        onmessage: null,

        onclose: null,

        onerror: null,

        onping: null,

        onpong: null,

        _state: 0 },


      Sender {

        _extensions: {},

        _socket: [TLSSocket],

        _firstFragment: true,

        _compress: false,

        _bufferedBytes: 0,

        _deflating: false,

        _queue: [] },


      TLSSocket {

        _tlsOptions: [Object],

        _secureEstablished: true,

        _securePending: false,

        _newSessionPending: false,

        _controlReleased: true,

        _SNICallback: null,

        servername: 'gateway.discord.gg',

        alpnProtocol: false,

        authorized: true,

        authorizationError: null,

        encrypted: true,

        _events: [Object],

        _eventsCount: 4,

        connecting: false,

        _hadError: false,

        _handle: null,

        _parent: null,

        _host: 'gateway.discord.gg',

        _readableState: [ReadableState],

        readable: false,

        _maxListeners: undefined,

        _writableState: [WritableState],

        writable: false,

        allowHalfOpen: false,

        _sockname: null,

        _pendingData: null,

        _pendingEncoding: '',

        server: undefined,

        _server: null,

        ssl: null,

        _requestCert: true,

        _rejectUnauthorized: true,

        parser: null,

        _httpMessage: null,

        timeout: 0,

        [Symbol(res)]: [TLSWrap],

        [Symbol(asyncId)]: 48,

        [Symbol(lastWriteQueueSize)]: 0,

        [Symbol(timeout)]: null,

        [Symbol(kBytesRead)]: 85010614,

        [Symbol(kBytesWritten)]: 32124,

        [Symbol(connect-options)]: [Object] },

     _error: null,

     url: 'wss://gateway.discord.gg/?v=6&encoding=json',

     _req: null },

  type: 'error',

  message: 'read ECONNRESET',


   { Error: read ECONNRESET

       at TLSWrap.onStreamRead (internal/stream_base_commons.js:111:27) errno: 'ECONNRESET', code: 'ECONNRESET', syscall: 'read' } }

Bump, my friend has the same problem.

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One thing to keep in mind here is that using UptimeRobot doesn’t necessarily keep you bot itself online; it just keep the Glitch project from going to sleep (which is only one reason why your bot may go offline). @Callum-OKane does your UptimeRobot history show any downtime?

There are any number of non-Glitch-related reasons why your bot might not be staying online, many of which would be better explained by folks who have more experience building Discord bots than we have. I’m not currently seeing any errors in the logs for cmb, but that only means that there aren’t any errors or exceptions thrown from or logged by the code - if the code’s not logging messages from the Discord API there could be problems there that are being missed, and even if they’re being logged to the console that only means they’ll be there if you look at it. The specific error you posted in your message from a while back just says that the websocket connection was reset but not why. Are you still having this problem?

@MewKirby your friend’s bot might be experiencing the same problems that @Callum-OKane’s is, or they could be completely different; it’s hard to tell.

One other note, we’ve had a number of IP addresses banned by Discord recently, and that could easily result in the error message you see above. @Callum-OKane you bot doesn’t seem to be in that list (although my records are incomplete); @MewKirby if you can provide your friend’s bot’s project name I can look to see if it was affected.

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but I can not see in uptime robot or my bot online anyway

He only indicates that the https site has a gateway error