Uptime robot not working

why uptime robot always down can you help me?

Glitch has nothing to do with Uptime Robot I think but I wanna cling into this thread about my Ping services I use: Cula.io and Uptimerobot acctually aswell.

I got 1 project on Uptimerobot and the same one on Cula plus 6 others. In the last weeks Cula began to bug out I think, not working as intended. While all my Cula pinged Bots were down my only one with Uptimerobot was up in the meantime. I dont know why this happens but maybe it could be that Glitch is not accepting those pings in or I dont know else why.

Maybe someone could help me understand if its just Cula or in fact Gltich is maybe blocking those pings by Cula?

In the meantime I made my Uptimerobot powered Bot ping a Glitch project of mine that is a ping service pinging all my Glitch Projects in two minute intervalls. It all depends on Uptimerobot essentially now pinging my Projects so when I read this thread here about Uptimerobot being broken I of course was worried if there might something going on at Glitch projects rejecting ping services?!

How u do that? pinging a few other projects with another project

just sending a GET request to the main page in intervalls

why my project on uptime robot always down moitor plz help me

Hey @abdmo97, welcome to the Glitch forum!

UptimeRobot doesn’t seem to be having problems over all; if you can share your project name and a screenshot of your UptimeRobot configuration we might be able to help figure out what’s going on in your specific case.

How often does Cula.io ping my project?

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it literally says

2 min ping interval

on the website.
that’s a sexy website though.

might use that over freshping in the future since they turned into that domain-junk

Idk why I didn’t see it lol.

cula.io doesn’t work very well for me. I would use Freshping anyday (when there is no block :joy:)

Glitch is blocked requests from UptimeRobot.

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