Uptime Robot Not working?

Hi, so this is my first complete Code and Running Project in Glitch Platform,
and I saw a lot of youtube videos and read some topics in glitch about How to Make bot running 24/7 in Glitch
a lot of people recommended UptimeRobot and Node-keepalive,
I’m using both of them in my project, but the project won’t stay awake and it will turn off about 5 hours later or something
so here I am begging for help!

My server.js Code:
const { Client, Collection } = require(“discord.js”);
const { readdirSync } = require(“fs”);
var TOKEN = process.env.TOKEN;
const client = new Client({ disableMentions: “everyone” });

const http = require('http');
const express = require('express');
const app = express();
var keepAlive = require("node-keepalive");
keepAlive({}, app);
var server = require('http').createServer(app);
var rsCount = 1;
app.get("/", (request, response) => {
  console.log(Date.now() + " Ping Received");
  response.sendFile(__dirname +"/views/index.html");

app.get("/keepalive", (request, response) => {
  console.log(Date.now() + " Ping Received");
  response.sendFile(__dirname +"/views/index.html");

const listener = server.listen(process.env.PORT, function() {
  console.log('Your app is listening on port ' + listener.address().port);
setInterval(() => {
}, 280000);


and here is my Uptime Robot Config:

also when my project is online the UptimeRobot will say it’s still offline, so I have no idea what to do!
and every time I’m starting the project the app will use npm i in console, so is there any way to get rid of it too?
my project link: https://glitch.com/~asqar


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