UpTime Robot notice

I got this email on my ten jobs I have in uptime robot. Is this something that will be taken care of? Don;t believe it’s anything I setup…


Just wanted to tell you that the SSL certificate for fine-help.glitch.me will be expiring after 28 days (on 2020-02-20).

Please make sure that you renew it in advance for a better uptime.

Have a great day,
Uptime Robot

What the…? How is that even possible? @support_staff?

That is bad. But, I think they may have noticed this and are working on getting a new one.

hi - so we are well aware of our certificate cycles and it’s being taken care of - nothing to worry about or do here! uptime robot just isn’t aware that project creators do not manage ssl certs.


Why does Uptime Bot think that project creators manage can SSL certificates?

@AJHaliliDev2006PH It’s not connected to glitch at all.

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