Uptimerbot ilegal?

the use of uptime robot to maintain a glitch 24/7 its illegal?
sorry for my bad english, i’m spanish xD

Hey @apulise,

UptimeRobot is not illegal but cannot be used to keep more than 20 projects online 24/7. Subsequent projects will be banned. This is just a limit and it doesn’t make UptimeRobot illegal on Glitch. See Cannot Run Project & Exceeding Project Limits for more info.

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hmm and if i make a ping app for mantain more bots and the ping app use uptimerobot its illegal?

No, nothing about uptime robot is illegal

For your account, you can have only 20 projects online 24/7. It doesn’t matter which pinging service you use, even if you created them. When the 20 project limit is crossed, subsequent projects are banned.

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thanks for replying

If anything, Glitch staff encourage the use of Uptime Robot.