Uptimerobot Downtime DIscord

I am hosting a discord bot, it goes off after 20 mins automatically. I am using this code in top of my code file (bot.js) ,


  • This is the main Node.js server script for your project
  • Check out the two endpoints this back-end API provides in fastify.get and fastify.post below

const path = require(“path”);

// Require the fastify framework and instantiate it
const fastify = require(“fastify”)({
// Set this to true for detailed logging:
logger: false,


// Setup our static files
fastify.register(require(“@fastify/static”), {
root: path.join(__dirname, “public”),
prefix: “/”, // optional: default ‘/’

// Formbody lets us parse incoming forms

// View is a templating manager for fastify
fastify.register(require(“@fastify/view”), {
engine: {
handlebars: require(“handlebars”),

// Load and parse SEO data
const seo = require(“./src/seo.json”);
if (seo.url === “glitch-default”) {
seo.url = https://${process.env.PROJECT_DOMAIN}.glitch.me;


  • Our home page route
  • Returns src/pages/index.hbs with data built into it
    fastify.get(“/”, function (request, reply) {
    // params is an object we’ll pass to our handlebars template
    let params = { seo: seo };

// If someone clicked the option for a random color it’ll be passed in the querystring
if (request.query.randomize) {
// We need to load our color data file, pick one at random, and add it to the params
const colors = require(“./src/colors.json”);
const allColors = Object.keys(colors);
let currentColor = allColors[(allColors.length * Math.random()) << 0];

// Add the color properties to the params object
params = {
  color: colors[currentColor],
  colorError: null,
  seo: seo,


// The Handlebars code will be able to access the parameter values and build them into the page
return reply.view(“/src/pages/index.hbs”, params);


  • Our POST route to handle and react to form submissions
  • Accepts body data indicating the user choice
    fastify.post(“/”, function (request, reply) {
    // Build the params object to pass to the template
    let params = { seo: seo };

// If the user submitted a color through the form it’ll be passed here in the request body
let color = request.body.color;

// If it’s not empty, let’s try to find the color
if (color) {

// Load our color data file
const colors = require("./src/colors.json");

// Take our form submission, remove whitespace, and convert to lowercase
color = color.toLowerCase().replace(/\s/g, "");

// Now we see if that color is a key in our colors object
if (colors[color]) {
  // Found one!
  params = {
    color: colors[color],
    colorError: null,
    seo: seo,
} else {
  // No luck! Return the user value as the error property
  params = {
    colorError: request.body.color,
    seo: seo,


// The Handlebars template will use the parameter values to update the page with the chosen color
return reply.view(“/src/pages/index.hbs”, params);

// Run the server and report out to the logs
{ port: process.env.PORT, host: “” },
function (err, address) {
if (err) {
console.log(Your app is listening on ${address});

There is no error in the logs. It says —
24 minutes ago

:taco::classical_building: Your app is listening on

But when I add my project link (the live site link i got using the share button). Uptimerobot shows error. Please help.

Hi, Glitch projects sleep after 5 minutes of inactivity. Additionally, the reason why Uptimerobot shows errors are because pinging services are not allowed on Glitch as “they place undue strain on our infrastructure”. If you need to keep your project awake 24/7, check out paid Boosted Apps.


Hello, it is against the terms of use for Glitch to ping any projects hosted on there servers. You could look into geting Glitch Pro to make that project always running.