Uptimerobot/Glitch issue


WTH is going on?

All of thease websites have a positive response.
But the bots are not online.
What is the issue?
screenshot taken from here.


Hye @RazorApple there are a number of reasons a bot might be up while the site presented by the same Glitch project is up. Occasionally Discord bans some of our IPs, either temporarily or long-term (there are none currently banned). Discord also revokes access tokens under some circumstances, or there can be an error in the bot’s code caused by a change in the code or a problem with the bot’s data that’s causing the code to react poorly (this can show up even when there’s been no change to the code).

Generally speaking, though, if the project is running well enough to show the site associated with it then the problem’s probably not on Glitch’s side

If you’d like someone around here to take a look at one or more of your bots to see if they can help figure out what’s going on, please provide your project name(s) - I can’t tell if those are them in the UptimeRobot list.

By the way - using the public UptimeRobot stats page like that is pretty nice!


things to be taken into account:

  1. Is your bot online for 30 mins when you get to glitch project and shuts off later when you leave glitch site ??

  2. is your bot’s code accessible (public)?? if yes please share.

According to what you said, the only thing I can visualize is error in your code itself.
like not running a web server on your glitch project, etc etc.
so it would be easier to debug with codes on…


@RazorApple You write this code on the beginning of the main bot folder will work like Uptimerobot.
process.on(‘exit’, async () => {
try {
// çıkarken yapılacaklar
} catch (_) {}
setTimeout(() => process.emit(‘exit’), 1000 * 60 * 60 * 12);


Hm…actually, Uptime Robot only checks if the website is online. Unless you have some sort of express.js file running, the monitor should register is down. My monitors all register as down 100%; they only register as up if something goes wrong. You could check if the monitor is set as pinging every five minutes, or if there’s an error in your code.


What @CarlyRaeJepsenStan said. It only checks whether it successfully pings/check it, not if your bot is online. Probably an issue with your code


Sorry for the inactivity. I’ve been working on a couple projects.

All of the web servers have a express website running.
Thanks for the remark that I used a custom domain with uptimerobot!


May I just add in, that I do not think Uptime Robot works well with discord bot projects, as it has never been perfect to me! I switched over to a new page which is similar(Here) and it has never had problems for me, and my bot has never shutdown while using it, if you do try this, then let me know the outcome!


Wanted to let you know about this.

UptimeRobot has been acting weird and not working due to a issue they had.

News link here. Please keep using uptimerobot!