Uptimerobot not working

My uptimerobot monitor for both my discord bots, set at a 5 min interval, are not going online. I have no uptime according to uptimerobot. I use a HTTPS monitor with the mach-discord.glitch.me link in the monitor. Can anyone help?

Maybe there might be errors in the Discord bot that is causing it to go offline.

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Can you show a screenshot of your logs?

Nah I checked. No errors

No Node version was specified; we are using default version 10. You can change this in package.json: https://glitch.com/help/node/

announce.js loaded
close.js loaded
cmds.js loaded
commands.js loaded
coronavirus.js loaded
eval.js loaded
help.js loaded
members.js loaded
meme.js loaded
new.js loaded
ping.js loaded
prefix.js loaded
say.js loaded
status.js loaded
tclose.js loaded
Beginning startup
I should be up and running!

I had a similar issue with my bot. Just follow @Callum-OKane’s instructions here:
It may help


I found out the developer who added the http request to my bot forgot to do something and he removed a few lines and turns out that was why it wasn’t working, thanks for your help though!