[Uptimerobot] Returns always downtime


I’ve been trying uptimerobot to keep my discord bot (Written in java, and runs via a glitch.json). Since this bot is written in Java I can’t simply set up some kind of index.html to receive the ping and stay online. It appears to always be down. I know Java isn’t officially supported, but is there any idea on how to do this?

Thanks for reading again!

Do you have a web server running in Java? If so is it listening on port 3000? That could likley be your issue. Also could you please send your project’s name.

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You could add a .apache and make a APACHE server but I guess that would be too hard.


Thanks for your helpful response, the project is private since it contains the discord bot key, which I don’t want to be publicly available. So thats also a reason why I didn’t state the project name. And indeed! I don’t have a web server listening on port 3000! Ill see if that will fix it ^^

Again, thanks for your response!

Edit: This was the solution, thank you!

Another edit: Now that I use port 3000 for my web server, suddenly my discord bot stops functioning. Basically it does start-up and JDA says it logged in succesfully etc. but the bot shows no response what-so-ever (Eventually after some minutes the bot goes offline from discord too, the bot needs their own port too)

You’ve seems to run into the same issue as I have:
What is the same? We both need to run 2 things on 2 ports but it does not work cause of glitch system

I see we do! Ill mark this thread as solved, and just check your thread daily to see for problem fixes. Thanks for pointing it out!