Upvote for old editor!

:raised_hands: BRING BACK THE OLD EDITOR :raised_hands:
The ‘old editor’ was very robust and reliable and it was perfect when all I had to do was log in and code the new editor is like going back to the days of compilers and IDEs like VsCode & sublime where you need to find the features and google them create servers and have prerequisite knowledge about the IDE.

New features though dope kill the ease of having an online editor. :pensive:

I would like to encourage the eternal glitch community to list down the features of the old editor and the new editor that they find the best to make an ultimate editor glitch v3 :rocket:

PS: Upvote this topic if you loved the old editor :hearts:


Easier to change the name of the project, less glitchy.

I don’t think ranting and complaining about the new editor will help the glitch team satisfy your request. Perhaps giving good, valid feedback will. Personally I think the old editor looked out-of-style, and that the new one looks cleaner


Sure agreed, but the old functionalities were handy rather than going through a whole new process. We can thus list out feedback on the features that we find the best out of both editors that way we can help the team understand what the community would want. [NOT A RANT]

If we were given the option to switch back and forth between the old and the new editor, that would hopefully satisfy those who prefer the new editor and the ones that prefer the old editor.

The new theme is tiring my eyes so much, it’s not ergonomic and the contrast is not good.

With the new editor, I never written so many bugs, and chasing bugs in the code has become so difficult. There’s a especially one with JS highlighting not catching string templates, so parts of the code are displayed in yellow.

This released version lacks QA and should have never gone to production.

Especially when statuses are represented by symbols, specifically emojis, they offer no meaning and have no attention to those who are concentrated on development.

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