Urgent: couldn't access to glitch.com

  1. I downloaded Glitch ext for VScode and then tried to sign from there with the Sign in on glitch.com option.
  2. I was redirected to glitch.com and here is the problem come in. No matter what results came out, it really took a long long time to load the site. Sometimes it loaded successfully, but most of the time don’t. (see image below)
  3. After it loaded the site, I tried to sign in with my gmail (which supposes to be fast and easy way) but…

    Even if I had a better ending, which means glitch api is able to direct me to Google sign-in page, I still got e504 when redirected back.
  4. I pushed my luck with sign-in with Email, but luck isn’t on my side this time too. Here is what happened when I enter my email:

So, is this the server fault? The last time I tried to sign-in from vscode from other computer was so great. Does anyone got the same problem like me?

Yeah I’m having this, I checked status.glitch.com and said it was down.


Thanks, ig. They are talking about this issue on this post: New Error i cant open my project on glitch