URLs in Markdown not rendered into links


I could be mistaken, but it’s my understanding markdown spec will render those into clickable links automatically, but it doesn’t appear as such when i go to the page.

As an example, this project’s readme includes URLs: https://glitch.com/edit/#!/codevember-12-zebra?path=README.md:10:39



Markdown format for links is [link text](http://www.urloflink.com) e.g. link text


Hi Gareth, yes I’m familiar with that syntax. I’m referring to posting fully qualified URLs with an HTTP or HTTPS prefix without that link syntax – in other markdown systems I’ve used it will automatically create a link from a correctly formatted URL without requiring that syntax.

For example see how github renders this readme, look at the bulleted links underneath the Load Existing City headline: https://github.com/kfarr/aframe-city-builder/blob/master/README.md


It maybe disabled for a reason so ignore me if it is. :wink: (Here comes the “but”) But, if it’s an oversight it can be turned on in utils\markdown.coffee by enabling linkify.

markdown = require('markdown-it')({html: true, linkify: true})