Use an inactive domain

Is there anyway to use a domain that is already taken?

Im trying to use but it says its taken, when I search glitch for it, it doesn’t come up, when I go to the website, it has no tab name, the only thing it has is the word ok

Is it possible for me to use this domain if its completely inactive and serves no purpose?

@jamie105 You see, some people use the Glitch platform to create things like Discord bots, which don’t have to have to have actual Web files like html files, as all the stuff to do with the bot is done via Javascript. This means that some domains, aren’t inactive, just you can’t interact with them

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in developer tools it shows thats not the case sadly

That’s because the project is set to private. Private projects don’t show up in search results and they are not accessible using the link Glitch :・゚✧.

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@jamie105 What do you mean? My bot shows nothing in developer tools on the webpage, but the bot is running. For example, my URL is:

If you really want the name i would recommend buying the domain or using the service

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