Use custom certificate for Glitch project

I’d like to use a custom certificate for my Glitch project cause I’m testing a bunch of stuff regarding my actual website, although I’m not able to port forward the 80 or 443 ports, and my VPS is currently offline due to maintenance and won’t be active until Tuesday 1600 +0100. So question is can I run my own SSL certificate on Glitch?

EDIT: I wish to achieve this by using the https built-in module in Node.js.

// Create a HTTPS Server
const HttpsServer = Https.createServer({
	cert: Fs.readFileSync(__dirname + "/../secure/d.crt"),
	key: Fs.readFileSync(__dirname + "/../secure/d.key"),
}, App).listen(process.env.PORT_HTTPS, () => console.log(":" + process.env.PORT_HTTPS));

Hey @ihack2712 because of the way Glitch proxies incoming requests I don’t think this will work - I believe the request that comes into your project is no longer HTTPS because our proxy terminates the SSL connection and there’s no way for your cert to make it to the client.

That said, I haven’t tried it. What happens when you use that code?

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