Use Datadog With Glitch


Im trying to ude Datadog with glitch, but am not able to execute commands in console!

How Can I?


Hi, what commands aren’t working?


All commands!
Lemme Attach a SS


Assuming That Glitch Runs On Ubuntu Server

Also, Debian Commands wont work


@melissa @Gareth What Can I Do Regarding This?


Neither Amazon Linux / Docker / Debian / Ubuntu Commands Work!


The agent looks like it needs sudo to install, which isn’t available and the commands you’re running require root permission to run, which you don’t have on the container. How did you install it?


@Gareth I haven’t Installed!


Thats what i asked how can i?


You can’t due to permissions as explained above Use Datadog With Glitch


Lol cewl thnks
To complete