Use the logs to publish "This page Updated on"

I want to list when I last updated a page but I know I will forget to to do this. Is there anyway I can use the logs and call this data into a project?

Hey there, @jgmac1106!

To get the date of the last update on a page you’re currently, on, simply type the following command into the address bar of your browser and press Enter or select the Go button:


A JavaScript alert window will pop open displaying the last date and time the page was modified.

For users of the Chrome browser and some others, if you cut-and-paste the command into the address bar, be aware that the “javascript:” part is removed. This doesn’t mean you can’t use the command. You will just need to type that bit back into the command in the address bar.

Good luck & hope this helps!

Thx @chroventer I was able to use that to Google some javascript but it registers changes on a per site level.

So I am getting close. Will figure out a way to capture when a page is updated. Thanks once again for all your help.

It’s either that or figure out the containers so I can use PHP on a website and make life simple again. Would be a lot of hard work to get back to simple.